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Photographers meeting in coffee shops…

by imagist on July 11, 2015

As I drove to Stone Creek Coffee I wondered about our agenda? I certainly wanted to know why Troy Freund (on left), a young, active, commercial and event photographer, decided to trade his full frame Nikon outfit for a micro-four-thirds mirror-less Olympus kit. I’d already discussed with Rich Taylor (on right) why he picked up the same Olympus kit, “…small, light, travel.”

Troy answered, “Well I use a Mamiya medium format with a Leaf back for most of my commercial work.” Okay. I didn’t know that he’d acquired a medium format alternative… so now I can see how he may have come to a decision which on the face seems going against the “professional” gear currents. The size, weight and image quality of these Olympus OM-D 16.3 MP kits does boggle this old mind.

Though they’re seen here musing over the even more mind boggling Leudi Extinction Light Meter which Rich had brought to the table for our consideration; along with a nice vintage Nikon F2. Some photos of the Leudi Meter.

(click photographs for larger view)



Leica M, 28 mm Summicron Asph

We also discussed our photographic motivations, inspirations, goals, projects (or lack there-of)… age… “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” — Satchel Paige. “What are we doing photographically? Why? What or who for?” Rich and Troy shared Olympus images on Troy’s lap-top screen; and Rich shared some iPhone photographs that he did while “waiting” in a medical office… the most interesting to me in terms of form and content. I can’t wait to see what he may do with those images; as I perceive them, and the context in which they were photographed, immensely rich in content.

Of course we also lifted cameras to eyes and clicked off a few frames. My eyes and mind seemed mostly to consider…







Leica M Monochrom, 50 mm Summilux Asph

Why? Who or what for?
Fascination with how people, places and things “look” when frozen in time…
Who knows?

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