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Equipment for Sale

Contact George Lottermoser to arrange purchase and shipping. Cash or PayPal (3% PayPal fee will be added). Will consider reasonable offers. (click images for larger views)

A/V equipment:

VariZoom VZ-TFT-7 7″ 16:9 Color LCD Monitor with sun hood and case – $265
Canon 3X Zoom XL 3.4 – 10.2 mm 1:1.8-2.2 Video Lens – $300
Canon 16X Zoom XL 5.4 – 86.4 1:1.6 Manual Video Lens – $450

Still Photography Equipment:
Leica R:
Leica M:
Leica M Bellows – $110

Hasselblad V:
500cm chrome w/wlf, rwc, Acute-Matte Screen, body caps EX $475
40mm C T* Black w caps and Shade EX condition $1,500
80mm C T* Black w caps EX+ condition $500
150mm C T* Black w caps EX+ condition $775
A12 back recent CLA EX+ condition $325
A12 back recent CLA EX+ condition $325
Hassy Polaroid Back LN- condition $225
Pro Shade old style BGN condition $69
Flash Brkkt Grip with strap EX condition $250
PM Prism EX+ condition $145
Bellows LN- – $250
55 Extension Tube EX+ condition $125
21 Extension Tube EX+ condition $75
Softar 1 LN- condition $110
Softar 2 LN- condition $110
Softar 3 LN- condition $110
All fits in Pelikan Tundra Case EX condition $90

Total if bought seperately $5,459
Total if bought as complete system $4,750
Would include other odds and ends – haze filters, other grips and hardware body caps, spare this and thats.

Large Format View Cameras:
4×5 Linhof Kardan E(M), LN-, — $600
4×5 Linhof Kardan Super Color, EX, Needs Bellows and Back, — $250
4×5 Linhof Technika Cams:
90mm ss 6426746

4×5 View Camera Lenses
90mm f6.8 Angulon – flawless glass, shutter accurate Linhof Select on Original Recessed Linhof Tech Board with Matched SN Range Finder Focus Cam, EX++ $295
121mm f8 Super Angulon – flawless glass, shutter accurate Linhof Tech Board, EX+++ $495

6×9 Roll Graphlex Film Holders for use with 4×5 Graphlock backs
4×5 Film Holders
in various condition from LN to well used
5×7 Film Holders in various condition from LN to well used
8×10 Film Holders in various condition from LN to well used

8×10 Deardorff Accessories
4×5 reducing back is genuine Deardorff and in very nice condition. EX+ condition — $325
5×7 reducing back is very well crafted mahogony but non Deardorff. EX+ condition — $275
Deardorff to Linhof 4×5 Tech board (this allows you to use all your 4×5 Tech mounted glass on the Deardorff camera). EX Condition — $95
Deardorff Packard Shutter lens board which allows the use of barrel lenses without shutters. EX Condition — $150 Sale Pending

8×10 Ansco Studio Portrait Camera, with Studio Stand EX+ – $750
Ansco Studio Portrait Camera without Studio Stand – $450
Ansco Studio Stand without Camera – $300

16×16 Scoville Studio Camera on Smith & Pattison Stand EX $675
Includes: Custom Mahogony Frame which allows use of 11×14 B&J Back


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Keith Penner October 2, 2011 at 8:55 pm

(if you’re looking for something let me know – chances are I have it…)

Hello George,
I have a Durst 184.
I am looking for neg masks, carriers and the 184 V condensor head… just thought i would ask.
Also in need of the EST1000 voltage stabilizer.



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