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Infrared Meditation on Manitowoc River Flowing into Great Lake Michigan : for the Global Earth Exchange 2023: Speak Grief, Speak Beauty

by admin on June 24, 2023

To participate in the Global Earth Exchange, you make an offering of beauty “somewhere.”
I chose “home town” as somewhere.
And chose the slightly extraordinary infrared wave length
to graphically render my experience.

“In the days before settlement, our area was named Manitowoc by the Native Americans who called this area their home.  Manitowoc, meaning home of the good spirit, was regarded as a magical place for the mixed bands of Ottowa, Potawatomi, Menominee and Ojibwa people.

There were 3 fairly large sized Indian villages located in our area: one in Manitowoc Rapids, one near Two Rivers, and another at the fork of the Manitowoc River.  Many smaller Villages or encampments could also be found throughout the area.

The band in Manitowoc Rapids was situated about 2 miles from the mouth of the river, where the historic Indian trail along Lake Michigan was located.” —Manitowoc County Historical Society

My home sits on a high point above Manitowoc Rapids, adjacent to what we know, now, as Henry Schuette Park; and includes a segment of the 1,200 mile Ice Age Scenic Trail. East of the Park we see the historical industrial remnants along the Manitowoc River as it winds its way toward the Great Lake Michigan; many long abandoned but for the sea gulls; former ship building, lumber processing, granaries, foundries…

The little Lighthouse Park beach just north of the breakwater, and Manitowoc Marina, always beckons to spend a few moments with the horizon.

Discovering the remains of the Great Egret, on this little beach, shook me a bit. I wonder if tears… if feeling grief… if spending time with “remains”… may qualify as “make an offering of beauty.”

(click photograph to view larger)

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