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Ending an era…

by imagist on September 29, 2014

When do we actually let go of our past? Why do we hang on to the trappings of our past for so long? Yesterday I strained my body moving the Durst Laborator 184, with CLS 301 color head out of the old Mequon Road House darkroom; with the help of Chad Davis; who drove up from Chicago to get the enlarger for his brother Chris Davis; who purchased the beast and will actually put to good use. Sad to see the end of an era for me. Very glad that the Durst, a state of the art professional tool, will go back to work instead of to the recycling center.

Perhaps Chris can slow the inevitable — The Dying Art of Darkroom Printing — Well worth the read.


A couple weeks earlier all the paper went into the back of an SUV; into the hands of someone who may actually project light on to the surface and magically bring images to life.


Now all that’s left is to find a good home for the two Durst Laborator 138 S and the Leitz V35 w/Variable Contrast head.


Leica M, 28 mm Summicron Asph

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Richard Man October 3, 2014 at 7:42 pm

That’s quite a beast of an enlarger 🙂 Ah, if I am only of Clyde Butcher caliber 🙂


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