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A Thought formed into an Encaustic Painting. Then Turned into an Abstraction. Neither ‘Seen’ nor Photographed ’till 3 Days Later.

by admin on June 15, 2023

“this thought” came to mind
when I picked up the birch bark shed in a woods.
I painted the thought with pigment, suspended in hot bee’s wax (encaustic)
on Monday, 6/12/23.
(click images for larger view)Later that afternoon a fellow artist, whom I respect, suggested I present it with a 90 degree turn:This morning 6/15/23, while photographing other subjects,
I found the original thought, presented to me as reality.
My life within these times and spaces can seem quite non-linear;
as well as non-dual; and entirely abstract; even when “upright.”
And so i wonder:

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