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Art as Poetry. Poetry as Art. Call and Respond. Creatively Encounter.

by admin on May 22, 2023

Waves of revelation wash over me with each and every participatory moment of the Art as Poetry as Art process. Making art is a very solitary, mind-body-spirit experience. Submitting a piece of art for participation in an exhibition can feel like taking your child out in public, where it may be judged, criticized, rejected… it qualifies as a “call for a response.” …we dress ’em up, and begin to feel the anticipation: “what will ‘they’ think? will they accept her? will they think he’s beautiful? how will they compare ours to all the others?
Yesterday, as I allowed myself to absorb the Art as Poetry as Art exhibition at the Rahr-West Art Museum, I began feeling like, I imagine, and have occasionally experienced before, a community gathering, around a fire, with dancing and storytelling, and masks, and costumes, and quite a bit of synchronicity, harmony, and rhythmic movement to drumming, calling out and responding, …in kind …appropriately …touchingly …with heart …and understanding. Once more common. Rather rare today. Thank you Jenna Rindo, Lakeshore Artists Guild Rahr-West Art Museum, and last, though certainly not least, Jen Anne

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