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No time like the present to yield to desire…

by admin on May 5, 2023

For reasons unknown
I’ve wanted to creatively engage with a “bonsai tree”
most of my adult life.
I’ve been gifted with 2 or 3 over the decades.
The little super market varieties. Pretty much destined to die.
Sooner rather than later.
I did manage to nurture a wonderful bonsai box elder
which seeded itself in a beautiful, ancient, landscape rock, at the Mequon Road House.
I moved that rock and little bonsai tree to the Wasaukee Road House in 2014.
But was unable to move it; or remove the tree from its rock; when forced to sell that home in 2022.

Today. My final attempt, to engage in a creative encounter with a bonsai, arrived in the mail;
along with instructions, proper soil, pruning shears, shaping wire, fertilizer, and an $8, on-line, video class, access code.
This Juniper is old enough to withstand some minor mistakes on my part.
Yet not so old as to be unaffordable.
So. Repotted as instructed. A bit of minor wiring and trimming… and we’re in a relationship.
Sort of like my new “adopted” bird friends:

(click images for larger view)

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