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Contemplating fall

by imagist on November 7, 2016

(click photograph for larger view)


step out of the shower. look out the window


need to put the hammock away for the winter. not yet. lay back. watch and listen to the leaves fall.


leaf prints. I love them. and this:
“How do I really feel? Like a leaf. As long as I’m needed, in vigor or decay, I’ll be here. And this is my blessing, to want nothing, to need nothing, to love everything, even my very own end; to express joy in uncertainty, vulnerability, and pain; to be astonished by birth, again and again; to be color when melody is near; to speak without shame and say without fear, I don’t know. I’m falling. How sweet is the air!”
~ by William Michelin from here (thank you Donna Belleson)


one of the last hammock swings of the season. I swept that patch of grass yesterday. why?

iPhone 6s

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