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Friday’s flora, fungi and old stuff

by imagist on October 28, 2016

This past week /
i reflected on past times /
as i repaired a 100 year old fountain pen /
with flexible 14 k gold tines /
and a sac gone brittle into dust /

img_0438(Settles Supremacy Pen, photographed with iPhone 6s, iPro S2 Century Macro)

Then, on this overcast, chilly, fall morning /
I pickup a lens made in 1970 (Leica made 1,000 of them that year) /
and attach it to a Visoflex III, made sometime between 1961 and 1984 /
and attach all that to a full frame digital Leica /
that only makes black and white image files /

and in doing all of that /
i actually seem to ‘connect’ /
with a younger version of myself /

(click photograph for larger view)

l1191620 l1191622 l1191623

(Last flower and Shaggy Ink Caps, photographed with Leica M Monochrom, 65 mm Elmar on Visoflex III)

img_0440(Leica Monochrom, Visoflex III and 65 mm Elmar, with ink on a page, photographed with iPhone 6s)

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