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Friday: about flowers and lenses

by imagist on June 30, 2017

So I “needed” a backup… second body to photograph an upcoming wedding. I scanned eBay over a month or two to get an idea of market prices; finally went for a kit which included what appeared to be a low mileage 5D body, genuine Canon Backpack case, a few batteries, charger, a remote timer/trigger, some miscelaneous filters, including +1 and +2 Hoya Closeup lenses, an next newer version of my 580 speed light, with IR trigger unit, and a very inexpensive, though relatively well reviewed, Quantaray 19-35mm f:3.5-4.5 lens. All this for the super righteous price of $450. The lens sells, used, on eBay for $46 – $90; which is remarkable because it sold new for $150 a half dozen years ago. So on to testing this mildly used equipment to find out if I received anything that I can actually use for this upcoming wedding. It all works perfectly; as designed. The lens actually performed shockingly well.

(click photograph for larger view)

Canon 5D, Quantaray 19-35mm with Hoya +2 Closeup Lens attached

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