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Soon to transform into red / orange Japanese-lanterns

Satisfy his need for “box.”

Satisfy my craving for waffles with Canadian Maple Syrup;
and feed the 2012/03 100% AP sourdough starter.

 And a light rye with caraway and “everything bagel” blend using the 2018/05 100% Rye Starter.

Wabi Sabi

Welcome Tegan Rosine

Sister stuff

Replacing 4 shingles from wind damage.


(click image for larger view)Looking East from the Coho Motel, Kewaunee, WI
Breakfast at Kunkels Korner; and coffee from Amy’s; in Kewaunee, WI.
Then the drive up Hwy 42 to Sturgeon Bay.A Sturgeon Bay residence protected by ANGELS

The Wedding Kids

Gerald as the groom’tis a done deal

The bride, Tiffany, at the microphone

and Tiffany’s mom tell’n it like it is to Gerald.
The rest of Tiffany and Gerald’s Wedding Photos can be seen here

On the way out of Sturgeon Bay Ann shops at the Blue Ivy boutique; while I admire the most gorgeous plant in the window. What in the world is it? Looks to be out of this world.

And all around the shop one finds Artsy Facts.


180608 / A drive up the West Coast of the Great Lake Michigan

June 8, 2018

(click image for larger view) Ultra patriots in Port Washington, WI Gay 1 and Gay 2 shirts at the Weather Center Cafe, Sheboygan, WI Patriotic yachtsman in Sheboygan, WI As Ann shops in Sheboygan Waiting for a mediocre fish fry at the Footbridge Bar and Grill; which we ate in the Coho Motel; while watching […]

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Week of 180601-07 / Irises, Babies, Wabi Sabi, Petunia, Chives and Bread

June 7, 2018

(click image for larger view) and Erin’s baby shower invite needs a photo Surrounded by wabi sabialways take a closer look baking sourdough bread every few days

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