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Art, Bread and Sub Zero: Week of January 15 to 21

by imagist on January 28, 2019

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An image created with iPhone 6s for the smART GALLERY’s new theme #fake

Sourdough bread baking practice continues. Always learning just a bit more. Zero degrees brings a visit by Jack Frost.


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Soon to transform into red / orange Japanese-lanterns

Satisfy his need for “box.”

Satisfy my craving for waffles with Canadian Maple Syrup;
and feed the 2012/03 100% AP sourdough starter.

 And a light rye with caraway and “everything bagel” blend using the 2018/05 100% Rye Starter.

Wabi Sabi

Welcome Tegan Rosine

Sister stuff

Replacing 4 shingles from wind damage.


180609 / The Wedding Day in Sturgeon Bay; and Reason for the drive up the coast

June 9, 2018

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180608 / A drive up the West Coast of the Great Lake Michigan

June 8, 2018

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Week of 180601-07 / Irises, Babies, Wabi Sabi, Petunia, Chives and Bread

June 7, 2018

(click image for larger view) and Erin’s baby shower invite needs a photo Surrounded by wabi sabialways take a closer look baking sourdough bread every few days

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Week of 180121-28 / Drawings, Sourdough, Macro Water, Sunrise on Rooftops, The Pond

January 28, 2018

(click image for larger view)

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