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Panning for gold in the stream: twitter 4 months later

by imagist on February 24, 2009

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My friend, David White, introduced me to twitter. As a web designer and marketing consultant I felt a need to know; to keep up with trends. I began following people that David followed; and posted my first brief message on November 22nd, 2008. It took a lot of time to read what seemed banal and/or narcissistic 140 character messages from people I didn’t really know. Occasionally someone would post a link to a web site or blog which actually had value to me or my business. Mostly I read messages about the value of twittering and social media as marketing and PR tools. It seemed strange; sort of like people calling each other on their phones and constantly talking about how the telephone is a great tool for marketing and PR; or handing out flyers which state over and over again that flyers are great marketing and PR tools. Obviously I wasn’t following the right people. Another crazy thing: we’re only seeing one side of conversations. You have to follow the people that those you follow talk to in order to receive the whole conversation; such as it is. This all feels quite tedious. And for what? An occasional useful link or bit of knowledge.

Then there’s my little messages going out there with links to my work or blog posts. Most times I get no response. I have no idea if anyone found it useful or interesting. Feels quite weird. However, lately I’ve found myself finding and following filmmakers, designers, artists and musicians; as well as buddhists and zen practitioners. And things have become more interesting; at least for my sensibility. All of a sudden I began to receive some positive feedback and participate in conversations which I can actually relate to.

Last week I created a new web page-site poetographs.com to post work which puts words into a graphic context that, hopefully, enhances meaning. I put the link out on twitter and received a number of retweets (RT). Bing Futch, a beautiful and generous musician, responded and RT’d the link. I had some poetographs from back in 2004 which I wanted to resurrect as a series. I put them into a movie form and sent the link to Bing. Within 24 hours Bing returned a link with sound added to the movie. Now that’s gold my friends. Perhaps a small nugget. But solid gold nonetheless. Here’s our collaboration. Thank you Bing. Strange as it seems; thank you twitter; I get it.

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Phil Swango February 25, 2009 at 8:39 pm

George, you should check this link if you’re feeling like a Twitter giggle.

Pretty funny. http://www.alternet.org/mediaculture/127623/?page=1


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